Monday, 20 January 2014

Endometrial Scratch and Baseline Scan

Today I feel: sore, twitchy, slightly violated, warm, hormonal

At the moment I am taking Norethisterone tablets. These sounds harmless enough and I massively prefer the dosage form to the injections unfortunately they have two major side effects for me: they make me roastingly hot and crazy hormonal.
I have been on them for 22 days and I think out of 15 of them I have woken up in the morning to discover I have taken my top off in the middle of the night, and I'm still burning up. My husband assures me he had no part in it...
The crazy hormonal thing comes and goes, I'll be plodding along fine then I'll suddenly start crying. I did it last week at work and only remembered I was at work when someone asked if I was ok. It's great fun.

So today I went for my baseline scan and endometrial scratch. The baseline scan was fine, except my left ovary likes to play hide and seek, I think she's shy.

The endometrial scratch was, well as bad as expected. Let me give you some background which will explain why when I was sat bare-arsed on the be waiting for the consultant to come in I had a little panic/cry.

I have had 2 of these done before in my previous cycle.
The first was as part of a hysteroscopy. This meant that the scratch itself wasn't too bad as they had to numb my cervix anyway to get the camera through. However, it turns out that to have a good look at your uterus they need to inflate it like a balloon. This is massively uncomfortable, like painful uncomfortable. So uncomfortable that when the consultant said he was going to increase the pressure I wished I'd stuck with karate at the age of 13 so that I could kick him round the head.
The second one was just a standard scratch. However, when they did it I was on injections that basically shut your hormones down. As a result of this my cervix had decided that it was going to take on the role of Gandalf in Fellowship of the Ring ("YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!"). After about 15 minutes of them trying to get this catheter through, with my squealing/screaming to various levels the whole time, they managed to peel me off the ceiling and calm me down long enough for me to let them use a local anaesthetic. After that it wasn't that horrendous, except for the moment I saw the consultant pick something up. I don't know what it was or what it was used for, all I know is that I can't unsee it.

So anyway, as a result of this I was not particularly looking forward to this procedure. Sure enough, when they tried to get the catheter through, my cervix morphed into Gandalf again. Then the consultant said he was going to try using a clamp. My response was "WHAT!?" as my cervix ran and hid in a corner. They tried, it still didn't work, when they said tell me if you want me to stop, I said "Yes, please" slightly pleadingly and suggested they use local anaesthetic again. The rest wasn't too painful, but it was rather unpleasant when I saw all the blood afterwards. It's a little disconcerting to be told to avoid the blood on the floor when you get off the bed when you know it's yours.

The trip to the pharmacy after this was fun. The main side effects I get from local anaesthetic are twitchiness and complete doziness. I went to pay for my prescription. "£15.70" the lady told me, so I wrote that down and then for some reason passed her £20.30. She gave me £4.60 change and I looked at he and said "but I gave you the 30p", "Yes, it was £15.70", "Oh, yeh, sorry". I then went and sat in my seat and proceeded to twitch away, while she presumably thought that these were odd drugs to be giving me following brain surgery.....

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