Friday, 24 January 2014

Edging Ever Closer

Today I feel: sore

Well, the decorators are in for hopefully the last time. I'm quite sore as usual. I blame all men for this.

Injections start tomorrow. Definitely, I've panicked and checked about 5 times this week.

This time I will do my injection lying down in my bed not like last time.

Last time I did my first one at the end of a 12 hour night shift sat on an office chair in the first aid room. It did not go well. I passed out and landed flat on my face. To this day I am glad no one walked in and saw me face down on the floor, arse in the air, jeans around my the knees. I ended up at A&E as I had a lump the size of a tennis ball on my head. Over 2 sodding hours in was there, I just wanted to go to bed! Anyway, I was fine, but I got a huge black eye. This apparently means that my husband beats me as whenever we went anywhere for the next week he got evil stares.

So yes, lying down in bed this time. I can't wait....

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